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Friends, Romans, Fl*sters....please excuse this little drive by wibble.  My poor widdle brain is fried, I should be squeeing loudly at the prostpect of only 7 DAYS to Asylum 14, spinning around like top. accosting other memebers of the office to tell them all about how awesome next week is going to be....well actually I am doing that, but I feel I'm letting you all down by not commenting, and finishing my editing.

The sad truth of it is work is in danger of taking over my life!  Yesterday I took a box of work home with me, and it took until 9 O'Clock to finish it, even bloody worse I stll haven't seen this week's SPN episode!!!!!!!!!! And it's looking more and more likely, I will be taking yet more work home this weekend.  Just so I can finish everything by next Thursday.

Look I promise to be about a bit more soon (in fact some of you will wish I'd bugger off by this time next Saturday *G*), but how coherent I'll be...well, ok I know that's fairly normal for me, but just bear with me and abnormal service will resume shortly!
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Friends,Romans, Fl*sters, before I start bugging you all with comments on your journals. Then finish up a little scribble for Jensen's birthday.  I have a technical question for you all, just before Christmas I brought a new Lap Top.  It's an Acer Aspire E15 Windows 8.1, now we are still getting to know one another. I haven't felt the urge to fling it put of the window (too often) but there is a niggling irritation......

I can't play bloody CDs or DVDs on the ruddy thing! I've tried but so far lots of whirring and then bugger all else.Now, I've heard that I might need another program, to get the microsoft's lovely piece of tech to actually work.

Can you guys help me out here?  Is this true, or am I doing something wrong? I have to admit that this would be a new technical low for me but I'm getting desperate here.......


Right back to Jared, and his little surprise for Jensen's birthday.
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There I was minding my own business, when I spotted several of the usual suspects had answered a little quiz. Now me being part lemming decided anything [ profile] milly_gal and [ profile] wings128 could do I could attempt as well.  So I girded my loins (I'll be sending those bits of material out to dry clean later) and decided to have a go!  I was fully expecting to come back as Crowley, so imagine my surprise when.......

Hello what bloody flirty and seductive ways?  Why did I not that memo!  Take charge....take bloody charge! For pitties sake I work in accounts. I'm more likely to staple you to death, than whip out the salt loaded shot guns.  But I'm truly honored to be considered worthy to carry Dean's great legacy (have you seen what he's packing in those tight jeans of his?).

So yeah, I'm kind of happy here *G*
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