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Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at LJ to Dreamwidth - a useful friend-finder tool!
Originally posted by [ profile] amberdreams at LJ to Dreamwidth - a useful friend-finder tool!
glovered discovered this great page on DW aimed at helping us all stay connected in spite of the exodus from LJ to DW. Such a good idea! You can go and add your name here. And why not share it while you're at it!
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Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Little help?
Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Being brave, asking if people want commissions. (Revamped post)

My hubby's job is much better paid than the previous and I'm getting some decent hours at my work, but we're still struggling. I thought as I can create, I may as well ask if any of y'all want commissions.

I'm working on a proper gallery of examples for jewellery, my flist have a cornucopia of pieces, lol, but until then as I am super unorganised I thought I'd add a small gallery of examples here. Excuse the quality of the pictures.

Pre-warning, there are some NSFW pictures in the albums.
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Our stir_of_echoes is a lovely lady and she's been having a rough time of it lately, so please every little helps.

Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Help for a very dear friend.

As a lot of you know, [ profile] stir_of_echoes lost her brother Ian a couple of months ago, and as one of our own very near and dear friends, we tried our best to help out and she managed to lay him to a respectable and well deserved rest.

Last week she tragically lost her other brother, Taz.

It's a huge blow so close to losing Ian, but it isn't just the heartbreak she's dealing with.

Financially this is a nightmare.

I know it's tight all around for everyone at the moment but she and her family would really appreciate not only your prayers and thoughts, but also, anything you may be able to help out with fiscally.

Her PayPal is

She's offering gif sets as compensation for your generosity, and I will throw my hat in the ring and say anyone who donates £10 and upwards can have any kind of digital art off me they like (within reason, I can't manip for love nor money).

As we also know Stir hates asking for help, but I thought I would put this out there. I know y'all are generous to a fault and won't for one minute begrudge my asking.

Thank you in advance!

I'd also like to add that when you read her post, please don't share it directly, but perhaps share this one instead with a link to her post or your own words and a link. Here's her post explaining about Taz and their life. Show compassion (as I know you will) because he may sound like someone you wouldn't necessarily want to know or understand, but he was her brother and he meant a great deal to her. And we all have our demons. Don't we?

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Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Finally being brave and asking if people want commissions!

Okay, despite the fact that Steve's job is now full time and I'm earning well-ish we're still struggling quite badly and we still need a little extra so I'm asking if anyone wants commissions.

So, I can offer traditional artwork, graphic artwork and jewellery.

Past endeavours...


Graphic work


I have no clue on pricing. It all depends on time spent and pieces used (if jewellery)

I'd say minimum of $20 per piece and postage $3 or if in land £15 and £1.50 for postage. (for jewellery) Everything else is negotiable.

Unfortunately I don't have a PayPal so if anyone does want something it's gonna be bank transfer. Email or PM or leave a message here.
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Hi there, I could do with a little help please, I'm in need of a proxy for the spn_reversebang claims on Saturday. It seems that I've got to go out and do a little bit of Chirstmas shopping and I'll miss the claim time, so if anyone can help, please just drop me a line.
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I admit I have way too guilty of just lurking and not leaving comments, but no more I tell you! I'll be leaving comments and telling authors just how much I've enjoyed their stories.

In fact to paraphrase Crowley....Let's make LJ great again!

Originally posted by [ profile] wings128 at Serious Conversation about Fandom
Originally posted by [ profile] dugindeep at Serious Conversation about Fandom

Let's have a Serious Conversation (yes capitals) about fandom ... I believe it is a quiet feeling among writers and artists and other creators that the shift to AO3, Twitter, and Tumblr has obliterated feedback, connections, and conversations in fandom. I say it is a quiet feeling because I have had this conversation in person, but few of us say it aloud (in writing):

Feedback helps drive the creators forward.

As [ profile] cherie_morte recently said (paraphrased): without comments/feedback, we're just shouting into a void; if we love an idea in our heads and we have no connection with those reading/seeing it, then the ideas remain in with us - they are not created and shared with the group.

I do believe that AO3 makes it easy to go for a simple click of the kudos rather than leaving a comment. And I do believe that the increase in device reading (tablets, smart phones, etc) has decreased the timing (or chance) for a person to go back to the post and comment. And I also believe that Twitter has replaced LJ as a forum for conversations and discourse regarding fandom, the show, etc. But I also believe it comes down to the people and how we are using these platforms.

AO3 has a comment button - so it's not hard at all to leave a more committed comment to tell someone why you've enjoyed what they created. LJ is still here with the same functions we all discovered via fandom. And both applications allow free account creation, which makes it one easy step to sign in and leave feedback. I think this is essential for 'new' members to buy into the fandom that is still around and kickin', as well as celebrate the folks who left TEN YEARS of fabulous content to enjoy today, tomorrow, and years later.

This fandom is dwindling rapidly ... and while I see plenty of folks on Twitter talk about being 'new' to fandom, I think the culture has shifted so far towards disconnected that we're not longer interacting with and supporting fandom.

So, I implore anyone reading this post to comment on posts, leave feedback (and more than just 'sequel??'), to recognize the contributions folks are making (have made) to fulfill the wealth of created content we are fortunate to have at our fingertips, and continue a feedback loop to encourage folks to continue - and even join - the fun that has always made fandom fun!

I promise to post more ... about the show, life, whatever ... and to comment on folks posts more. Because we can no longer complain about fandom dying when we're not doing a thing to save it.


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I saw this and I just had to share it, thank you Richard for these wonderful words.

Originally posted by [ profile] theatregirl7299 at No truer words spoken - Thank you Richard Speight, Jr.
I wanted to write an introduction, but I realized that there was no need, except to say that these were Richard's words from the Sunday Opening Panel of Phoenix Con. Thank you Richard.

‚ÄúRichard's Words )
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Just a very quick post, someone has left on comment on Wednesday Night Down at The Anti-Christ's on A03 and asked if they can translate the story into Chinese! I said yes, and I'm still stunned someone wants to do that, I struggle enough with English *G*
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I've noticed this going around and I thought I'd join in and see what happens!

Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at I cut em all loose and work's my excuse, but the truth is I can't open up
I think we could all do with a little more *you're lovely because* so as horrendously scary as this is...go on, gimme a good thing about me :) Answers are screened :)

Originally posted by [ profile] wendy at I cut em all loose and work's my excuse, but the truth is I can't open up

 photo d244f393-880d-4782-aa0c-4bbcf31697dc_zpsxob1bl1l.png

This one's a bit more abstract, but still important, I think. Start keeping a file or folder – whether digital or physical – that contains all the compliments you receive from friends, family, and even strangers. It's so easy to forget the nice things people say about you, because they're often outweighed by negative comments that stick in your head more easily.

If you're having trouble coming up with material for this "compliment bank," ask 10 of your closest pals what they think your 3 best qualities are.

Help me out?
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