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Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I’m scurrying by tonight to give you a quick update and an apology.  Let’s start with the apology, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much and this state of affairs will continue for a while, as I’m desperately trying to write my reverse bang! As usual I’m fighting writer’s block, limited time and talent.  But I’m enjoying myself and I’m hoping I will get this completed in time, or at least enough written to get it finished and posted. So fingers crossed.

Now the update, as you can tell I’m writing like a mad thing and then I suddenly remembered the festive season will soon be upon us!  Yes I’m observant like that, now if you’d like a Christmas card please drop me a PM and I’ll get scribbling. I was thinking about trying to sort out some Supernatural themed cards, but I fear I’ve left it too late. But there’s always next year to have Dean on my Christmas cards....and I’ll just leave you with that image.

Now to round off it seems I might have found a new laptop! I’m lusting after a lovely Acer on Amazon, now the question is do I buy an extended warranty from them in case of disasters.  Or should I just save up in case the laptop goes pffuuuttt? I appreciate all advice and comments in this matter.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve just left Jensen and Jared dealing with a hostage situation.
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Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, i'm here today to ramble at you, so if you want to run I'd start now. As you can see me and Old Faithful (the laptop) have been reunited once again, after a wonderful repair job by PC World (you watch now I've said that.....).

Why am I here, I ask the tumbleweed as it rolls by, well to once again threaten you all with responses to your posts and to tell you Musie is back in town!!!!!

I've started scribbling again, god help you all. The crack epic that is Wednesday Night Down At the Anti-Christ's is rolling forward once again, but not only that I seek your counsel concerning other stories....

To start with, have any of you seen my Fan Girl scribbles (which I will go away and tidy up and have Beta'd), do you think it would be a good idea to try and combine the girls with the H/C Bingo? I've already got an idea for sadling poor Jensen with wings, and how the rest of the guys cope with him fluttering everywhere.  Also I'm considering the introduction of the hallowed Warner Brothers ointment, the magic cure all for even the most severe injuries.  I even have a team slaving over it's production, Bobby Singer, Rupert Giles and Sam Carter!  Just think of the mayhem I could cause with that.

Now onto the fic that dare not speak it's name!  Yes, The Fic O Doom is nudging gently at me, actually it's screaming bloody murder right down my ear. I need to run an idea past you concerning what could be the last chapter, I promise to try and put this under a spoiler cut for those who are still waiting to read the story

After everything I've done to Jensen in this fic, would it be too cruel to give the poor bugger a cold? I was sitting thinking about the original last chapter I had in mind, and I suddenly realized something. I couldn't see Jensen just forgiving Jared, after how  cruel he'd been to him about wanting to become a hunter.  So I wondered what would make Jensen relent, and then I thought what if he couldn't get away from Jared, and eventually he was forced to talk to him. Is this too trite? Too cliched, seriously I need suggestions here.

Ok I'm back, there are plenty of other ideas ricocheting around my brain, but if I can crack on with these for now I'll be bloody ecstatic.

So I will respond to your posts but it might take a little longer than I'd like. Now I'll let you get back to your day.
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State Of The Dragon )
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Happy New Year )
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State of the Dragon, July Edition )
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State of the dragon )

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State of the dragon )
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