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Kidnapped from various sources, come ladies let's show Jensen some love, in a way that won't result in a restraining order or stalking charges! (trust me, i do not look good in orange).

Originally posted by [ profile] violettestars at Jensen Appreciation Project

  • I'm organizing a thank you/appreciation project for Jensen. He’s come so far from the shy, reserved Jensen at cons past. I personally got to witness it first hand. I was at the second con in Chicago and he was so quiet and bashful. At the recent cons I’ve attended, he was so much more outgoing. I would like to give him something to let him know that we as a fandom love and support him. That we appreciate his effort to let his guard down and embrace us.

  • If you’d like to be a part of the project you can send letters, messages, photos, artwork etc to my inbox here or my email:

  • Deadline is September 1st. I plan on giving him the book at Dallas Con in September. Please repost this to get the word out. Also feel free to use the gif above that I made to promote the project.

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Wonderful news, our small bundles of energy and mischief have a new home!  Come and join the mirth and madness.

Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at New Community-Pimpage
As promised to a fairly excited few, we have a new community for the adventures of our favourite little guys!

[ profile] spn_on_parade

The continuing adventures of mini Sam, Dean and Castiel. )


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