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Well the wait is over and we finally get to see the Arrow/Flash spin off! And to be honest this all looks like good cheesy fun, and Josh might one day stop drooling over Sara!  I admit it I liked the look of this, but what really caught my eye was a certain Mr Rory (Williams) Pond!

so without further ado, here's the trailer. Let me know what you think.

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Dear ladies, I come here tonight to implore you to vote for another Alpha, in this year's Alpha Male Madness!  It is a day I never thought would come, but our beloved Alpha Jensen has been brought low by coalition of fan girls determined to end his run.

Now we could sit seething gently in the darkness, sticking pins in Ken dolls dressed as Bob, Sam and Colin (alright, I might've have a few stabs in a Bob doll) but that will not avenge our Alpha (you know I starting to feel a fic coming on here).  No, instead we must take up the banner of another Alpha and fight on in his name!

Without further ado, may I offer this fine gentleman, as the man we should rally behind!

Stephen Amell (need I say more?)

You can vote for him here!
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Ladies, I was going to regale with tales of my latest musical soriee. I admit it wasn't as cool as [ profile] milly_gal's Toyah gig, but I'll fly my crusty old rocker flag proudly. On Thursday me and Steve, went to see Status Quo's acoustic concert and it was brilliant!  Damn those old farts play a mean blues riff, but I digress!  I'm here to encourage you to vote for our beloved Alpha! Jensen needs our help, he's in a desperate battle with one of the kids from The 100.  Now don't get me wrong I like the show, but Bob ain't my Alpha!

So once again ladies I implore, encourage, bloody well plead for you to vote and see our Jensen safely through to the next round!  Also I notice Jared is closing the gap on Sam, keep it up ladies, lets see if we can't get both our boys through.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lock myself in a room and spend the rest of the day voting *G*

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Come ladies, our beloved boy is losing!  We can't let this happen, once again we must flex our fingers and vote away!

Just a quick warning, I'm hearing that cell phone votes are not counting, so vote using your lap top or PC, I keep voting but the gap is widening!  I tell you there's something fishy going on here! But I refuse to be beaten!

Originally posted by [ profile] dizzojay at A Call to Arms ...
Just a super-quick flyby post from the deepest depths of the Isle of Wight to say ...

jensen is losing!
!gnisoL sI nesneJ
Jensen verliert
Vincitur Jensen!
Jensen χάνει

Nope, it doesn't matter how you say it, it still sounds wrong.

It seems that there might be inter-fandom shenanigans going on, and lesser fandoms are venting their umbrage about our boy's God-like Alpha's obvious superiority to gang up and prevent him from winning again.  And Bob Morley, whoever the holy conkers he might be, is their weapon of choice.

THIS is where you can help to restore the natural order.

Go forth, my fine friends, and do your duty!
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Dear Friends, I have ruthlessly swiped this post from [ profile] dizzojay to bring news of the battle royale for title of Alpha male. And I would like to take a moment to mourn a fallen warrior.....Sadly Misha has lost his battle. But now we must gird up our loins, and fight for our boys!

We must spread the word throughout fandom, in the glorious light of LJ and pinterest, and the darkened corners of Tumblr!  We need to go and vote our fingers to the bone, not only to preserve our precious Alpha, Jensen.  But to save our beloved Moose from the upstart Sam (damn don't I look good in a kilt ) Heughan.

Yes, I know the Outlander fans are almost as rabid as us, but we must fight on!  We deserve to see both our boys in the final, to celebrate ten seasons of our show (all I ask is if that happens, no hair pulling or name calling, alright?)

I will admit to being worried for Jared, after all Sam spends a lot of his time waving a huge dirk around! (look it's a knife, get your minds out of the gutter) And I'm sure his knees are very swoonsome. But this is our  floppy haired hunter with a heart of gold, we can't let him down.

So ladies, cry havoc and let loose the hordes of Supernatural Fan Girls, our boys need us!

Originally posted by [ profile] dizzojay at It's the Elite Eight!

Well, we lost Misha in the last round, but we still have our delicious J2 among the elite eight, so it's time once again to show our love for our boys.

You can vote here!

Jensen is in game 1 and Jared is in game 3.

So come on gang, let's do it for our one and only Alpha Male!

it's okay Jensen, I can't imagine it either ...
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Dear fellow geeks, I'm just whizzing by to share this with you, and after you've read it we can all bask in the geek after glow!

Avengers Age Of Ultron early reactions

Now I realize most of will have seen thses already, but my geek cup runneth over. and I'm even more desperate for it to be May.

in other news I really need some Avengers icons!
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I don't know if any of my Fl*st watch Arrow or The Flash, but if you do then you'll possibly have heard about the spin off that's in the works.  I've been mildly interested, but now I'm getting a little excited, why you ask? It's due to this piece of casting news here. Our Rory is going to be a superhero!


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