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Friends, Romans, Fl*sters I hope you've had a lovely weekend, and a happy Mother's day to all the mothers and daughters on my Fl*st. It hasn't been too bad a weekend, apart from our lawnmower going up in a puff of smoke as Steve tried to cut the grass for the first time this year.

We even managed to get out and about yesterday, I dragged  my poor long suffering other half to the Cinema to see the new version of Beauty and The Beast. Steve was quite impressed as it isn't his kind of film, I absolutle adored it. And now it looks like I'm adding Dan Stevens to the long list of 'ye gods he's pretty and very talented' I was already on the way with Legion, but his performance as the Beast cemented his place on the list. Any man who can waltz in ten inch steel stilts get's a vote of appreciation from me. And have I mentioned he can sing? Admittedly they filtered his voice to hell, but he made such an amazing job of the song Evermore and I'm now humming along to the sound track as I write. Another brilliant part of the film was Le Fou, played brilliantly by Josh Gad and I don't care what some people say I loved Emma Watson as Belle.

Now before I go I'm just going to leave my new favourite Disney song here:

I hope that one day I'll get to hear Dan sing this without all the filters on his voice.
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