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Title:  It’s the most wonderful time of the year (remixed)
Word Count:  2450
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Handsome heroes beloved of fan girls everywhere are being grabbed. Now the Winchesters find themselves trapped with members of SGA-1, Eliot Spencer and Alec Hardison, as well as two very surprised actors.  What do the fan girls want from them?  And why is Dr Rodney McKay whimpering in a corner?
Disclaimer: With a heavy heart (and a great deal of relief for Dean and the other gorgeous men in this fic) I have to say I do not own Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis or Leverage, nor am I making any profit from this. I just hope I make a few fan girls happy with this demented little scribble.
Warnings: None, just gratuitous whumping of poor unfortunate gorgeous men.
Notes: Let’s start with the usual thanks and groveling to my wonderful Beta [ profile] bigj52, the statue is being sculpted as I write.  This little demented scribbling came about as a continuation of what has become my Fan Girl Verse.  It all started with Damn Hurt/Comfort Writers, continued with A Brief Encounter Of The H/C Kind. There have been various other stories which only saw the light of day on my journal, including this one. I decided to tidy it up and repost it.  There is another reason for doing this; if any of you ladies are interested here is my H/C bingo card.  I’m happy to write fics based in this verse, just let me know which one takes your fancy!

I'ts The Most Wonderful Time... )
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Title: A Brief Encounter of the H/C Kind
Word Count: 10530   (Let’s not talk about it)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dean wakes up battered and bleeding in a cell, but he’s not alone.  Colonel John Sheppard of SGA 1 is there as well, the two of them are being pursued by the most heinous force in the universe - H/C writing Fan Girls. Just how far will John go to ease Dean’s pain?
Pairing: Dean Winchester/John Sheppard
Disclaimer: I promise I own neither shows nor men in this story, although if there is a rental option I wouldn’t mind a long-term lease on Dean, and I’d happily rent John for a few months as well.
Warnings: None, except for my usual Dean and punctuation abuse (thank you [ profile] bigj52, for sorting out the punctuation.  I’m afraid Dean’s on his own). Also this is a loose sequel to my fic Damn H/C Writers. You don’t have to read it for this to make sense but it will help understand the insanity a little *G*.
Notes: As always my eternal thanks go to my unflinching beta [ profile] bigj52 (unflinching because she sorts out this mess before you guys see it), a woman to whom statues really should be erected. I wrote this particular tale as a birthday present for [ profile] wings128, and I hope one day she forgives me for it being late and she also forgives me for mangling the character of her beloved John Sheppard.  As always feedback is cuddled and feed lots of chocolate *G*.

A Brief Encounter.... )
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Title: Damn Hurt/Comfort Writers!
Word Count: 12160. (Some days I just can’t help myself)
Rating: PG-13, language and gratuitous abuse of hot guys
Summary: Sam Winchester wakes up in a cell and he is not alone. He is sharing his cell with Alec Hardison and Peter Burke, with Dean, Eliot Spencer and Neal Caffrey missing. He realizes that they have been taken by the most heinous force in the universe....Fan Girls!
Pairing: None, but there is a cast of the hottest men in various fandom’s
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural, Leverage or White Collar, because if I did...Neal would be painting my bedroom wall half naked, Eliot would be in the corner playing his for Dean...did I mention bedroom? Oh yes please don’t sue.
Warnings: This is very possibly a crack fic, well anyone who puts Fan Fic writers in the middle of a hurt/comfort fic...go figure.
Notes:   This act of insanity was born simply because I wanted to try and write Sam and Dean in character, then it sort of got hijacked by the other guys and this idea has been used before by better writers than me. But I’m sorry I had to do it. As always many thanks to my wonderful beta bigj52.

Damn Hurt/Comfort Writers! Part 1 )


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